Video of Starving Polar Bear is Climate Change in Your Face

It’s been over a week since the heart-wrenching video went viral across the globe and continues to shatter hearts, raise alarms, and command international attention. This was, after all, the intention of Sea Legacy filmmakers by sharing the devastating footage with the world in the hope that this tragic death will not be in vain.

How to Find Ethical Wildlife Volunteer Programs

There is nothing more fulfilling than getting out into the African bush, learning about wildlife, and giving back, knowing that you are making a difference, and contributing toward something beautiful. But how do you separate the good programs from the bad?

Launching: The Wild Pilgrim

Learn about green travel and explore eco-adventure opportunities with this great new initiative by The Wild Pilgrim aiming to encourage responsible tourism. Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of ethical wildlife volunteering opportunities. All about Green Travel

Legalizing the Trade of Rhino Horns

Since the ban on the domestic trade of rhino horn was lifted, a strongly polarized and fierce debate ensued. Many private rhino breeders are in favor of the motion, while most conservation groups fear that this will be the final nail in the coffin for rhinos.

No More Animal Rights for Alaska’s Predators

This week, I wrote an article for the CatchFred blog about the recent bill by the U.S. Senate to overturn a hunting regulation made during the Obama administration era that protects predators from inhumane hunting practices. The bill was approved by the Senate following a majority party-line (Republican) vote.

Happy Earth Hour

Join millions around the globe and take part in this WWF initiative by taking 60 minutes to protect the planet by taking a stand in the annual climate change initiative.

Regeneration in Animals

Animals with the ability to regenerate limbs are some of the most extraordinary among us, and have captured the interest of biologists and scientists alike. We all know of lizards being able to grow back missing tails but many other species share similar traits.