No More Animal Rights for Alaska’s Predators

This week, I wrote an article for the CatchFred blog about the recent bill by the U.S. Senate to overturn a hunting regulation made during the Obama administration era that protects predators from inhumane hunting practices. The bill was approved by the Senate following a majority party-line (Republican) vote. All that is needed now is the Trump seal of approval.

This means hunters in Alaska's wildlife refuges will now be able to shoot bears down from planes or helicopters, kill bear cubs and their mothers, hunt wolves & coyotes during the denning season, and use steel-jaw leg traps & wire snares to hunt bears.

These unsporting practices are justified as predator control measures and are carried out to spike prey population numbers for hunting. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service banned the horrific control measures in order to promote natural diversity and ethical hunting. Once the ban is revoked, predators in Alaska's wildlife refuges will once again be subject to these condemned practices. Read the full article below or click on this link.

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